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At any age, from infants to the elderly, our skin is exposed to constant traumas.  Norske can help successfully treat these conditions because it replicates the skin’s natural protective barrier (sebum) and is the skin’s first line of defense to help restore it to its healthy state.

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My Daughter Was Born Five Weeks Early

My daughter was born five weeks early. One of the nurses in the NICU provided me with a couple of jars of Norske. She said to use it to prevent rashes. I have fallen in love with it! My daughter has never had a rash! I also use it for my younger niece’s and nephew’s boo-boos. In the future, I will order for baby shower gift — It is Moms’ little secret for sure.

S.D., Troy, MI

My Daughter's Skin Looks Wonderful!

I have a 20 month old daughter who has had severe eczema since she was 2 months old. Her arms and legs were always red and she would scratch herself until she bled. It is heartbreaking as a parent to see your child suffer so! Thirty minutes after the first application of Norske, the redness was diminishing. I was in shock! That was six days ago and I have used it each day since. My daughter’s skin looks wonderful. Thank you for such an amazing product.

M.C-F., Mohegan Lake, NY

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Treating Mom's Bed Sores

My daughter works for a private home healthcare agency. One particular physical therapist buys it for wound care for her patients. My daughter tried it, bought 2 jars for my Mom who has developed bed sores on her coccyx from lying in one position too long in a skilled nursing facility. So, now we have a doctor’s order for treating her with your marvelous salve. …I think your cream works miracles! Thank you!!

C.J., Alton, IL

A Smile on My Face and Perfect Confidence

I had some dermatological work done that went awry. The burns were very noticeable, especially around my eyes. I began using your product on August 24...By the time school started (August 29), my eyes were back to normal and my skin looked better than it ever has!

It was because of your product that I started my senior year of college with a smile on my face and perfect confidence! Thank you for creating such a brilliant product!

B.K., East Lansing, MI

I Suffer from Extremely Dry Skin on My Legs

I ‘discovered’ Norske while an in-patient. I suffer from extremely dry skin on my legs and have tried a wide variety of products. Norske Skin Therapy is the only one that seems to have a completely natural feel and effect on my skin. Thank you for manufacturing this fine product.

G.F., Concord, MA

Works Great as a Diaper Rash Prevention Cream

I received a sample of Norske Skin Therapy from the hospital when I had my daughter in September. I love the product and wanted to make sure I have extra on-hand! It works great as a diaper rash prevention cream.

M.K., St. Claire Shores, MI

Little Legs
Boy Leaning Against a Tree
He Feels Like a Normal Kid Again

Our youngest son has severe eczema. We've tried everything on the market to help. Nothing worked. Not even the prescription medications! My sister-in-law is a nurse at a facility. She told me about how Norske worked so well on her patients. I begged her to bring some home. She brought me a sample tube last week and it has worked wonders! He stopped scratching himself to the point of bleeding. His skin is no longer red and inflamed. He said that he feels like a "normal kid" again. This stuff is a life saver! Please ship my order priority plus. We have used up most of the tube, and I really don't want to run out! 

M.G., Santa Cruz, CA

Saves My Hands

I work at a university hospital near Chicago in an ICU. We extensively use antimicrobial soaps which have alcohol as an ingredient. By the end of my 12 hour shift my fingers are often dry with rough cuticles and occasionally they crack open which is most painful. …I tried your product and was most pleased by its performance. I also found it was effective even after several hand washings.

D.H., Chicago, IL

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Home Nurse Examining Patient
It Is the Only Product That Works

I’ve used a lot of ointments for the bed sores on my father-in-law, but the home care nurse brought me this product to try…and it is the only product that works. Thank You!

D.C., Oklahoma City, OK

Used After Treatment for Diabetes Sores on His Legs

My husband has diabetes and has had open sores on his legs that would not heal. He went to St. Clair’s wound center and they gave him a jar to put on his legs after they healed. It is absolutely a miracle. He has the best looking legs since he was a lot younger.

G.C., Alton, IL

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