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All Patients with a Preference (85% of Total Sample) Preferred Norske for Skin Feel and Ease of Use

Miami, FL/Lowell, MA – September 2019 – A double blind, randomized split face trial conducted by Jill S. Waibel, M.D. at the Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute investigated the application of Norske Skin Therapy, an oxygen permeable topical cream (OPTC), and its effect on post-operative recovery time and patient satisfaction following fractional ablative laser resurfacing of the face to treat photodamage. The objectives were 1. To investigate the efficacy of Norske on re-epithelialization time and incidence of edema and erythema and 2. To determine patient preference between Norske and the control gold standard therapy of petrolatum ointment.

Dr. Waibel concluded: “The oxygen permeable topical cream performed as well as the gold standard treatment of petrolatum ointment in all evaluated areas with almost complete patient preference of OPTC by day 14 following treatment. It provides the same barrier qualities without any potential irritants to sensitive skin.”

In the trial, twenty healthy men and women of ages 21-65 years were treated following laser resurfacing, with OPTC application on one side of the face and petrolatum ointment on the other. Three blinded investigators evaluated photographs taken at baseline and 7, 14, and 30 days following laser treatment to assess post-operative wound healing. At all evaluated intervals, subjects showed no statistically significant differences in time to re-epithelialization, edema, or erythema compared to petrolatum ointment. At day 7, sixteen patients (94% of those with a preference) stated they preferred OPTC based on skin feel and ease of use, and one patient preferred the petrolatum ointment. By day 14, all seventeen patients with a preference (85% of total sample) indicated a preference for Norske.

Dr. Waibel noted: “Oxygen permeable topical cream is a safe and effective alternative to standard petrolatum ointment for use in post-operative healing following laser resurfacing. The overwhelming patient preference for the OPTC adds to its status as a viable and potentially preferable alternative in wound healing to optimize healing time and increase patient satisfaction.”

“We plan to broaden distribution of Norske Skin Therapy to include more dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices, and we look forward to conducting further trials to investigate its use in surgical aftercare and treatment of other skin conditions,” said Kenneth Rice, CEO, Hygia Life Sciences.

About Norske Skin Therapy 

In healthy, undamaged skin, sebum acts as a barrier to retain moisture and promote healing. When skin is damaged, production of sebum is temporarily disrupted. Norske Skin Therapy aims to take the place of the lost natural sebum and replicate its barrier and moisture retention functions. Norske Skin Therapy contains only white petrolatum, Panalane, and avocado oil. It contains no steroids, alcohol, lanolin, ceresin, panthenol, glycerin, fragrances or colorants, which have the potential to be irritating or cause allergic reactions. Norske Skin Therapy is a product of Hygia Life Sciences, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Contact: Kenneth Rice
Phone: 781-929-2639

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