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More Testimonials

At any age, from infants to the elderly, our skin is exposed to constant traumas.  Norske can help successfully treat these conditions because it replicates the skin’s natural protective barrier (sebum) and is the skin’s first line of defense to help restore it to its healthy state.

My Triplets Were in NICU

My triplets were in NICU at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn. One of the nurses swore by it. ;I have used it since then. I also use it. It is a wonderful product.

Within a Day the Rash on Her Neck Was Gone

For eleven months I have fought dry irritated skin on my baby's cheeks and an irritated spot in her neck fold that she kept trying to itch. I tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING worked. Then a friend introduced me to Norske! Within a day the rash on her neck was gone and her cheeks were kissable soft again. Thank you, Norske!

L.D., Strong, ME


I got sunburned and a friend at work brought me some Norske to use and it was such a relief that I decided to order some for my son who also has fair skin and burns easily.

D.W., Shelbyville, TN

A Serious Burn from a Curling Iron

I had a serious burn from a curling iron that was quite painful, and this was the only thing that helped the pain and the healing. I've been using it sparingly until I finally ran out and found you on the Internet, thank goodness! Looking forward to receiving my fresh supply.


My Husband Is Undergoing Chemotherapy

A friend whose brother is in some kind of medical sales had a sample. My husband is undergoing Chemotherapy and that day his hands were in terrible shape with drying and cracking. He used it twice that day and said it gave him better relief than anything else he had been using. Thank you.


Mother Was Hospitalized for Open Heart Surgery

Mother, a diabetic, was hospitalized...for open heart surgery. While in rehab for recovery and occupational therapy her skin was extremely dry and they gave her a jar to use as needed. Now a close friend is having radiation treatment which is causing his skin to become dry and flaky. Nothing seemed to work so mother suggested we try Norske because it worked well on her....Thanks!

I Have Used It for a Couple of Years

I learned about Norske from a parent (who was a nurse) of a student of mine. I have used this cream for a couple of years (finger tips dry out and split during the winter months) and have given it to family members too.


Really Softens the Skin

This is my second order from Norske...Love your product! Really softens the skin. I let all my friends try a jar and they love it too!


My Son Inherited Skin Problems from Me

My son inherited skin problems from me - dry, flaky, allergy-type issues. The dermatologist from my son's clinic recommended your product. We are hopeful that it will help us!


I have Lupus

​This stuff is the greatest! I have Lupus and my skin is very slow to heal...this ointment is wonderful and since using it my skin does not seem to scar. Great stuff!

C.I., Anaheim, CA

My Hands Are Super Dry

A friend of mine received Norske from a dermatologist to help with a skin infection. I tried it because my hands are SUPER dry and cracked, etc. right now in the winter. I tried it for two nights and already saw a difference! I am excited to find something that will work for my very dry hands. I am also planning to use it for my son who has mild eczema on his hands.


Just These Ugly Things

I have had three separate outcroppings of something called seborrheic keratosis - which are just these ugly things that grow because of age and dry skin. My dermatologist has offered to take them off for me but because they are not cancerous or anything, my insurance won't pay for it...Norske is just the right consistency that in the beginning if your rub it in really well, it just loosens up the keratosis and also heals the skin underneath. After about 7-14 days of doing this the thing is gone altogether.... Sure beats having a scar and a $250 dermatologist bill or having to live with an ugly wart-like thing on your face.


Great Stuff

I am a dermatologist, so you would think I would have heard of it sooner..great stuff!

E.W., M.D.

I Recommend it to Everyone

Norske Skin Therapyhas been used for burns, skin cuts, facial blemishes and several other items. This is the best product on the market, in my opinion, for these issues. I feel fortunate that I have found this product. I recommend it to everyone.

B.S., CA

My Son Has Severe Eczema

My ten month old son has severe eczema and we've tried dermatologist visits and various steroid creams of all different strengths. Nothing seemed to heal him, only slightly calm down all the irritation temporarily. Norske Skin Therapy was the only thing that could give those results, so I got your website off the jar and placed my order.


Miracle Ointment

Thank you very much. They call it the miracle ointment.

B.H., Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Best I've Ever Used to Treat My Psoriasis

Norske Skin Therapy is the BEST product I have ever used to treat my psoriasis. I have been plagued by that condition for 25 years and none of the prescription drugs I have tried worked nearly as well as Norske. As if that were not enough, it has a pleasant, light scent. Thank you Norske Skin Therapy! ! I will be a lifer.

P.H., Eden, NY

Used it to Treat Diaper Rash

I absolutely love this product. My son was born six weekspremature and Norske was used on him while he was in NICU at the hospital. I have used it to treat diaper rash and other skin ailments such as chapped lips and cold sores. Norske is an outstanding product that works.

K.H., Macomb, MI

Very Effective for Bed Sores

Norske Skin Therapy is a very effective treatment for my bed sore pressure points. I first learned of Norske at the VA Hospital. Thank you again. I will certainly recommend your product to others.

J.J., Milwaukee, WI

Her Skin Feels Better than it Has in Years

I am a nurse working in a clinic that deals with severe skin problems. I used your product for the first time on a patient with terribly dry skin and the results are amazing. The patient says her skin feels better than it has in years.

C.P., R.N., Kansas City, MO

We Use it on Cuts, Suture Lines and Burns

I'm an occupational nurse and we use Norske on cuts, suture lines and burns. I sent some to my sister who had a very bad skin infection and it worked better than the antibiotic cream. I used it on my husband's incision site on his neck and it healed very nicely. I don't want to be without it.

V.B., Galveston, IN

Dry Cracked Skin on My Heels

I have dry cracked skin on my heels. I bought a national brand for dry, cracked skin on the feet and it did not work at all. Then I put Norske on my heels and after two nights my heels were completely smooth. It is truly an amazing product.

J.S., Alexandria, VA

She Saw Dramatic Improvement

My wife, a physician, suffers from a skin ailment. She has a myriad of pharmaceutical samples at her reach and could not find any that gave her relief. She tried Norske and after a few applications she saw dramatic improvement. Great product!

V.F., Orland Park, IL

Dry Skin on the Soles of Her Feet

Thank you for developing and marketing such a great product. I recently shared it with my wife who had dry hands and dry skin on the soles of her feet. After several daily treatments she was pleasantly surprised with the results. She is now your biggest fan.

D.B., St. Louis, MO

We Use it at the Nursing Home

We use Norske on our residents at the nursing home where I work, and I'm still amazed at how well and fast this works on their dry skin. What a wonderful product this truly is. Thank you.

J.M., Detroit, MI

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