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Retail Customer FAQs

Why the switch from a pot to a tube?

  • The new flip-cap tube is easier for our customers with limited range of motion.
    In fact, one can open and dispense Norske with only one hand.

  • The tube provides a more hygienic way to dispense our ointment. Norske Skin Therapy is dispensed from the small orifice in the flip cap. This greatly reduces the likelihood of contamination. Only dispensed product is exposed to the environment.

  • The entire surface of potted ointments is exposed to airborne environmental contaminants every time the cap is removed. 
    In addition, contaminants can be easily introduced to the product when dispensed.


Is this the same formulation as the Norske Skin Therapy
that used to be sold in the pots?

  • Yes! It is the same wonderful product. Only our packaging has changed.

How do I track my order?

  • You will receive an email from Hygia Life Sciences with the USPS tracking number of your package as soon as we process your order. 

Do you ship overseas?​​

  •  We do ship orders internationally. Please contact us directly at for international shipping rates.

How much Norske should I apply?

  • Click below to download a PDF of the Norske Product Information Sheet for details on product dosage
    or see Directions for Use and Dosage Guidelines.

Institutional Customer FAQs

How do we know if our Purchase Order has been received?

  • Purchase orders must be emailed to

  • We send an email acknowledging receipt of your purchase order as soon as we receive your email.

How do we know when our order has been shipped out?

  • You will receive another email providing tracking information for your order as soon as we return from dropping it off to your preferred carrier.

Where do I remit payment?

  • Institutional customers should remit payment to:

Hygia Life Sciences

P.O. Box 7022

Lowell, MA 01852

Have any questions or concerns? 

Please call us!

We’re always ready to help!


or send us and email to:

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