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How Much Norske Should I Use?

Directions for Use

  • Wash skin before applying.
  • Pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it.
  • Warm Norske in your hands.
  • Apply a thin layer directly to the affected area(s).
    (See dosage guidelines)
  • Apply as needed, or as directed by a physician.

Dosage Guidelines

The amount of Norske needed depends on the size of the affected area. The graphics below provide an overview of how much product you should use according to the affected area.


The amount of ointment needed for different parts of the body is measured in Finger Tip Units (FTUs). One FTU is the amount of ointment squeezed out from the fingertip to the first joint of an adult hand (approximately 2.5 cm/1 inch).

This length is roughly the distance from the tip of the index finger to the first joint of an adult hand. 
The chart below indicates the amount of ointment needed for different parts of the body. The dose
is measured in Finger Tip Units (FTUs).
FTU Hand w Ruler_edited.jpg

1 Finger-Tip-Unit

blue dosage with black frame_edited.jpg
Norske Skin Therapy is available without a prescription.
  • For Dermatologic Use Only
  • Not for Ophthalmic Use
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