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Norske Skin Therapy

Healing is Beautiful


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Norske Skin Therapy helps create an optimal healing environment, maintaining critical moisture levels, while allowing vital oxygen to reach damaged and healing tissue.

For Everyone

At any age, from infants to the elderly, our skin is exposed to constant traumas.


Norske Skin Therapy can help treat these conditions because it replicates the skin’s natural protective barrier (sebum) and is the skin’s first line of defense to help restore it to its healthy state.

Promotes Healing

Norske has the following benefits:

  • Alleviates dryness, discomfort,  redness and cracked skin.

  • Moisturizes and
    lubricates the skin.

  • Provides an effective barrier
    to  ensure that moisture
    is retained in the skin.

  • Permits the free flow of oxygen through the barrier to promote healing.

Simple Ingredients

Norske is safe and well tolerated:

  • Free of steroids, alcohol and fragrances, since these are often irritating to the skin.

  • Contains no water, antibiotics, lanolin, preservatives or artificial colors.

  • Pleasant, non-greasy feeling.


  • White Petrolatum

  • Panalane

  • Avocado oil

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